what kind of juice will no ferment?!

Question: What kind of juice will no ferment?
i need drinks for my dorm and my fridge is too small for a lot of stuff. i had some great value fruit punch in my closet but it fermented and soon it undrinkable. I'm not trying to make alcohol just want juice. im thinking Hawaiian punch wont ferment but idk.


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None of them will ferment if they're in packages and not opened.
Or you can keep the "concentrates" like o.j. or other fruit juices in the freezer, then just mix some of the concentrate with water in a cup every time you want juice.

Otherwise, juices will eventually ferment (even when kept cool) but since they have a lot of sugar that can take awhile.

On the other hand, "juice drinks" actually have very little or no real fruit juice in them and should last a long time (but won't be nutritional).
That would range from things like Kool Aid to other juices that have only "10% juice" (written in small print somewhere on the label). Not sure about powders like Country Time Lemonade, etc., or whatever those are called.

Get the canned juice or juice drinks because any juice/juice drink that won't spoil will be loaded with preservatives. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

You could use the juice singles and just mix with water when you want some. They will last indefinitely.


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