I am addicted to coca cola, please help?!

Question: I am addicted to coca cola, please help?
I HAVE to drink 2 litres of full sugar coca cola a day. I wake up in the morning gasping for a cup. It is the only thing i drink apart from the odd cup of milk a day. I have read about how unhealthy coca cola really is and i want to stop drinking it. I am also a smoker so the coke is just making my health even worse. Is this stupid? can you really be addicted to a soft drink? Someone tell me what to do, do i just start drinking water and stop with cola? Thanks for your time all.


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you are addicted. I use to be like you, but it wasn't quite as bad. I would drink a liter of soda a day, it didn't matter what kind, but I would drink it.
Anyway, I was gaining much weight from this ridiculousness, so I tried to stop. It is very difficult to do by cold turkey, and will probably take a year or to to drink nothing but water, but you need to be determined.

The best way to do this is to either lower the amount you drink day by day, or find an alternative. I used gatorade, juice, water, milk, sobe, basically anything that isn't carbonated, but still has a bit of sugar
Once you remove your self from soda( you can't go back at least for like a year cause otherwise you will be right back on it) and once your off you can work to drink even healthier things like only water, milk, and the occasional juice, but mostly water.

if you stop drinking soda cold turkey, it can be done, but you need something to replace soda with

other wise just decrease what you drink little by little
and make sure you have a bunch of ibuprofen for the major headache from withdrawal

yes definately drinking 2 litres of coke a day is NOT good for your insides*
A friend of my was addicted to pepsi and everywhere she went, she'd bring her fix of pop with her. The doctor said her skin is deteriating because of the pop and her health isn't good because of it either*
she had to cut right back and drinks 1 can of pepsi a day now ..at first she had 'withdrawl' like symptoms, headaches, sluggish, just felt like she NEEEDED her pepsi*! but she drank water, ate fruits etc...to stay away from it* Now her skin is looking better , her hair, her general health she said it was so hard, but mind over matter, you can do it!

lessen the amount you drink everyday, little by little. for example. instead of drinking a cup full of soda, drink just half.. if you really can't perhaps drink 3/4 amount of the cup.lessen the amount everyday and drink more water instead. DISCIPLINE is a must, self control. if you really are concerned to your health then do it.

cola and coffee has caffeine, this makes them addictive. i remember my friend's brother, who was addicted to coffee, he eventually got in to coma because of it.. after recovering he never drank coffee again.. well if you don't want that to happen coz it might happen to you, then help yourself .

The sugar content in coca cola is very high, the more healthy way to go would to be cut down to coke zero it has the same taste but less calories, its better to quit now, while you still can, when i was in Med school we took a T-bone steak and put it in tupperware, and poured Coca Cola over it, three days later the T-bone disolved, ( the acid ate away at it ) Good luck.

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Try drinking less every week or so, try to drink 1.5 litres a day instead of 2 for a week or a month then try a litre instead of 1.5 and eventually you'll be down to very little. It's a simple effective way to help cut down on bad stuff.

heres your solution.... like u i was addicted to carbonated drinks. later, i came to know about this tang... tang has many flavours... now im drinking half a bottle of tang. it satisfies me... no harm, no fats, just makes u feel satisfied! i prefer apple or mango or lemon tang... u can try it too

You are clearly a cokeaholic. You should get to a CA meeting asap..

Drink Special brew instead. It will kill you but you wont care.

Yes, you can be addicted to the caffeine in soda pop. and worse, your mouth gets used to having the soda quench your thirst, and nothing else will do. Diet and decaf soda drinkers, like Rivers, know this well.

So, start mixing diet decaf soda with your real coke. Do 1/4 of the diet for a few days, then 1/2, then 3/4, then switch totally.

then start substituting water for some of the decaf.

Rivers has rules. No soda with medications.

Bet you have your soda pop tied in with your cigs. Light a cig, get a soda. Need to break that cycle.

Here is some encouragement: if Rivers can take herself off of coffee totally[at least 3 cups a day]. limit tea[down to one cup a day, two if it is a bad day and I need it for medicinal purposes], and off regular soda totally[except one or two during the year for special meals], then you can get off the soda. My alcohol ingestion was down to a couple beers a year, and now there is none at all, though I do cook with alcohol. My pie crust has vodka in it[it evaporates and leaves the crust crisp], and my shrimp scampi has vermouth, as per the recipes I use.

Soda pop has acid in it, it eats the lining of our digestive system, and eats teeth. Truckers use soda to clean batteries with.

I'm going to try to find that article I had on the uses of soda pop. It got me thinking. I'lll be back if I find it.

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