Why does the supermarket price a 2 liter coke at $.99 then price the 20 oz coke you find in...?!

Question: Why does the supermarket price a 2 liter coke at $.99 then price the 20 oz coke you find in...?
...the cooler near the checkout
at the same price? Are we being ripped off for the convenience of having the smaller bottle near the checkout or are we being penalized for an impulse purchase? What's up with this?


we're also paying for the electricity and the cooler that keeps the 20 oz. coke cold and ready to drink.

Source: My daughter, the Coca-Cola kid.

However, you are paying for the convenience of the smaller bottle that fits in your car cup holder and is ready for consumption right away. It's that way with most items that are separated into small size containers - think small bags of chips, candy, and other beverages. I don't think impulse buying has as much to do with it as convenience.

Cause they know you will pay it... you are thirsty now... a cold one does it... you are checking out and thinking, "Have I forgotten anything?" You look around and there it is a frosty cold coke in a single serving size... hell you can enjoy that on your way home. The $.99 doesn't seem all that bad now does it?

It's a marketing ploy based on the idea that you're not going to want to lug around a giant bottle of soda. The smaller size is more convenient and already refrigerated.

yes we are being ripped off for the convenience. and it works. people know the 2 liters are cheap but sometimes they just want cold soda.

Simply chilling it adds to the market's operating costs.

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