People say chocolate milk is made with cow blood?!

Question: People say chocolate milk is made with cow blood?
They say Nestle's chocolate milk is not, but chances are a local dairy farm's is.

Is this true or false?


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It's true...but only BROWN cows...

Umm... Can you even tell the difference from fact and rumor?


Why would you even think like that? Those type of things are just rumors weird people come up with to scare you or make them sound cooler or something. Why would it even be LEGAL to have cow blood being fed to children across the country?

It's milk with chocolate flavoring. It's yummy. It doesn't taste like blood, nor is it red.

Wa? Which ppl say this >_<
Noooo poor cows, stealing their milk is enough.... BUT KILLIN EM!!! *No vampire pplzz :D*

Aniways, I dont get how that is possible, nestle have over gone test and check upz n thingz..... Ummm...desho ne??
Ja, Bai Bai ^_^

No, they just add cocoa powder or syrup. All chocolate milk from the store is, is premixed.…


Milk, and chocolate syrup "-__-

Thats total B.S.

I think most of these guys won't get the brown cow connection.....:)


That's one of the stupidests comments I've heard so far.

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