Coca cola or Pepsi?!?!

Question: Coca cola or Pepsi?!?
I luv coke!


Its weird.. I was a die hard Pepsi girl my entire live, grew up on pepsi, HAD to have it everysingle day.. diet pepsi actually... when i was pregnant with my 3rd son, i woke up one day, and found pepsi the sickest thing in the world!!! 3 years later i crave diet coke every single day and have my first can by 7am!!! I love diet coke!

Pepsi contains more sugar, more calories ... really sweet plus it leaves your teeth feeling weird as if slowly dissolving. This leads me to conclude by saying COKE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

MeMyselfandI ;)

i did an experament i like pepsie better because coke goes flat fastet then pepsie but for a few days coke is crisp and good so i say pepsie

Coca Cola has a sting to it, I prefer Coke



Pepsi! Coca Cola is a nasty brand!

Pepsi, it's less damaging to your teeth.

lol i like pepsi, but coke a cola is orignal.


Coke all the way!!!


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