Does USA Mountain Dew taste the same as everywhere else?!

Question: Does USA Mountain Dew taste the same as everywhere else?
My friend and I are in an argument, I've just ordered 48 litres of Polish Mountain Dew because it's cheaper and I believe it tastes the same, he thinks the USA tastes better and is worth the 300% price mark up, he then rants on about HFCS but it's just a sugar alternative, do you agree that Dew tastes the same, no matter your location?


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Ya ^_^

Because of High Fructose Corn Syrup, most sodas in the USA taste quite different than they do in other countries. Soda made with real sugar has a totally different taste and texture. Some people prefer it and others do not, so it's up to you. If you want soda with real sugar and you live in the USA, just buy the 'made in Mexico' kind (carried in many stores), it's much easier than ordering from Poland! Plus, the shipping cost will probably negate any savings you got from buying the soda from Poland anyway. Are you really complaining about the cost of soda in the US? It's cheaper than water most of the time!


ya duh

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