Can Juicing make a person Healthier?!

Question: Can Juicing make a person Healthier?
I would like to invest about $300 in a well-made juicer. I've heard of the Breville juicer, but can anyone recommend a quieter juicer in the same price range?

Thank you! : )


If you want more quiet juicer you probably have to get a masticating one. I think the Breville is a better option because it is very fast. Also, if you check out customer ratings, I haven't been able to find any other juicer that get the same great customer feedback.

No ! Juicing is an unhealthy habit
It removes the pulp and soluble fibers plus it oxidize the fruit or the vegy
soluble fibers are good fot your gut, your insulin level and you digestion.
Don't wast your money
Just peel your fruit , dice them if you want and eat them.
According to Dr Joseph Mercola, Carrot Juice in not healthy at all ! because it contains high level of (refined) sugar due to its fiber lost.
You can by with 300 $ enough vege and fruit for up to two months !
Don't forget, those machine take time to clean ! you will waste your time, money and with no health benefit at all .

I know my post would not be popular !

Juice is certainly lovely from a juicer. So much healthier than bought juices. You will get good vitamins from your juice and there is just so many different fruits and vegetables that can be used. How ever it does take the fibre away from your diet the fibre doesn't go into the juice. so eating a whole orange is healthier than juicing it.

I'm not exactly sure about a quieter juicer, but you can check out
They do blender and juicer reviews!

Yes. I heard you're supposed to put the entire orange in! Skin and all! Idk about the kinds of juicers out there, but it sounds so fun.

go to the site in the source too look at some. I hope it can helpful.

Yes, i think. So much better to get fresh juice straight from the fruit.

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