Can I have Energy Drinks While Exercising?!

Question: Can I have Energy Drinks While Exercising?

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Energy drinks, like many thermogenic diet pills, are designed to raise your heart rate. This will, in turn, increase your core temperature. Diet pills do it to help you burn more calories, energy drinks do it to increase "energy." Bottom line, you won't find anybody that will recommend it. Your already increasing your heart rate and core temperature as it is.

PLUS, most energy drinks contain sugar, which will increase your chances of cramping. Drink water, if you get sick of water, maybe G2 or a substitute, but drink lots of water.

Collegiate athlete with lots of trainers in my ear about energy drinks

Is it a not an good idea to have an energy drink while exercising. Energy drinks have become more and more popular, but these drinks don't mix well with exercise. The DynaPep effect is the result of lively ingredients derived from natural sources, and with no the help of sugar.

you want to sign your death warrant?

energy drinks dehydrate you, exercise dehydrates you

i think the outcome is pretty obvious

You can but it would be better to drink it about 20-30 minutes before your work out..good luck

It is better suggested take it after 15 min of exercise

Log off, go in front of a mirror and then slap yourself.

I know someone who drank a few red bulls, went to the gym and felt like they had a heart attack. So, I wouldn't.

They really mess with your probably not.

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