What's better for you; Gatorade or Diet Coke?!

Question: What's better for you; Gatorade or Diet Coke?
Everyday my boyfriend has to have a Diet Coke or he gets a headache and I work at a gym and get free Gatorade's so everyday I drink a Gatorade..which one is better for you to drink daily?


gatorade. gatorade hyderates you
diet coke dehyderatyes you. plus diet coke has aspartame in it. an artificial sweetener. very controversial on its effects on humans.

Neither. Drink water. 32 oz Gatorade has 13 teaspoons of Gatorade.

Gatorade. Your boyfriend developed a caffiene dependency or something, headaches are a common symptom.

Gatorade, because it's much healthier, and diet anything taste nasty.

Gatorade, because of the electrolytes.

Gatorade because they add vitamins and stuff for your health, but soda is just soda.



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