how can i buy a coffee brewer that you pay for each cup?!

Question: How can i buy a coffee brewer that you pay for each cup?
we're making a 'senior lounge' in my high school and we considered coffee
someone said theyve seen a coffee maker in the grocery store that you pay about a dollar for and it brews a cup for you
where can i get one of those (websites helpful) and about how much do they cost?

its very important that you PAY for each cup, like a vending machine


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Check out restaurant supply houses and suppliers and Sam's club. IN your home page search bar type in coffee vending machines they sell many kinds even used ones they can make coffee coffee expresso, lattes and teas also type in table top coffee vending machines Find out where this grocery store is check it out and find out where they bought it & write down all the info.. usually grocery stores give away free cups of coffee

Try Starbucks

Im A Coffee shop waiter

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