Do you drink Coke or Pepsi and where are you from?!

Question: Do you drink Coke or Pepsi and where are you from?
its a social experiment to see what each region says


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coke , suffolk england

we have both here in SaudiArabia.. but Pepsi seems to be the most abundant here..
I dont drink much soda, but if I crave cola.. its coke I want cause its much more stronger and hits that craving spot.. Pepsi is too sweet and syrupy...

Dr. Pepper which is usually associated with Pepsi (Michigan)

Both, but prefer Coke. Arkansas, USA

I drink Coke
and I am from Tibecuador

I live in Maryland

Coke. I'm from the south. Pepsi is too syrup-y

Coca Cola... I'm from Sweden :))

both. they taste the same. U.s.a (texas)

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