does coffee actually make you shorter?!

Question: Does coffee actually make you shorter?

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Haha. No. It does stunt your growth though. Meaning if you are an adult, it won't make you shrink, if you're a child or a teenager it will affect how tall you will be.

No it doesn't. It doesn't affect your growth at all.

The only thing that can make you shorter is osteoporosis. It usually occurs from not getting enough calcium and Vitamin D, and often to women who drink lots of cola on a regular basis.

The phosphoric acid in dark soft drinks actually leeches calcium from your bones. Eventually this causes osteoporosis, and you end up shorter because your back starts to fracture.

Its an old wives tale that coffee stunts your growth as in causes you to not grow to your full potential.
Drinking coffee after you are an adult does not have any effect on your current height.
In fact, I do not think anything you eat or drink can have an effect on your growth once you are finished growing.

I don't have any facts about it but i really don't believe that, people say workout makes you stop growing which isn't true so i wouldn't trust that coffee thing

I don't think so


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