If you work at a Pepsi company and you drink Sprite in front of your boss will you get fired?!

Question: If you work at a Pepsi company and you drink Sprite in front of your boss will you get fired?
Well it was just one of those wondering questions so i ask my friends and they said i dont know so i just wanted to ask i think so because bad reputation but, i don't know you tell me....


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Um, in my opinion, no. (I might be wrong though :D) Do you get fired for working at American Eagle but wear A&F shirts? I don't think so. It's just the way you dress, and in your case, what you eat. You don't have to eat burgers if you work at McDonald. You can eat subway. Those things don't affect your working abilities. If he does fire you, then you can sue him.

do they have a company handbook? Perhaps you should find it and read what they say about drinking/eating competitors products at work. I think it might be safer not to drink it but then again if they sell it at the cafeteria then its probably ok. You do live in a free world so you should have some choice in what you eat and drink

My mom works for pepsi, and she HATES it.
Like, the drink.
She drinks sprite there all the time, and she still has a job.


i dont think so, but he might not like it.

im gunna go get some pepsi now.

your boss couldn't fire you over that, and you'd probably get a discount/ free sierra mist.

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