What would happen to me if I mixed monster and 5 hour energy drink?!

Question: What would happen to me if I mixed monster and 5 hour energy drink?
Like would I be more hyper or tired?


You will be very likely to have a huge headache accompanied with a messed stomach ( Stomach Cramps included) and still have a crash. That is because the 5 hour energy drink is good but when taken alone. If you make that cocktail bomb, you will be mixing a lot of sugar of the monster with the other ingredients of the 5 hour energy drink resulting in a huge headache and stomach pain. Not recommended! For real! When I was 16 I did that and those were the symptoms. Thank God did not happened to a more serious thing because my weight was huge (240) and did not feel the entire symptoms but to a skinny person, the effects would be higher like increased heart rate and a lot of sweating, you would get pale and every one will freak out taking you to a nearest hospital!

Hope it helped!

My own!

Hyper at first, then very tired

You'd be wired.

i guess youd feel really hyper (;

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