Monster Energy Drink? Age:13years?!

Question: Monster Energy Drink? Age:13years?
Im Planning To Drink A Monster In The MORNING...Im 13 Years Old Nd Im Wondering If Its Bad For Me...Any Symptoms This Can Cause..Does It Cause Alot Of Dizziness?


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No son!! Don't do it!! You will feel hyper for a couple of minutes and then you will feel the tamed crash ( Phase in which you become mentally and physically exploded) for like 3 to 4 hours!! ( Depending your weight the heavier, the less the lighter the more) If you have to drink something, drink the 5 hour energy drink. I've used it and worked like a charm! Makes you more alert, gives you more mental strength and NO CRASH!

Hope it helped!!

My own! I did a research job on College about energy drinks and their energy productivity.

Energy drinks won't cause dizziness or anything but they are really bad for you. If you drink them constantly then they can take a toll on your health. Scientists have done many studies on energy drinks and they all say they are bad for you. But people drink them anyways. There won't be any immediate affects if you drink one.

Caffine can cause dizziness and energy drinks are horrible fo you and your health. Google it, you will find a lot of different stuff about what negative effects energy drinks can have on you and your health. So do your research and think twice before drinking one. Good luck.

uhh... im 15 years old and i drink Monsters ALL the time... they are so amazing.. the only problem is you can get addicted to them like i am... and the only problems i get is like a stomach ache if i drink it too fast.. so enjoy it :)

Energy drinks period are bad for anyone. Its nothing but a **** load of sugar.

You're too young to start a caffeine addiction. Drink some juice instead. :)

Yes, it's pretty bad

no dizziness its just bad for u and it has lots of caffine

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