Is Dasani water good for you?!

Question: Is Dasani water good for you?
I've heard rumors it had stuff in it that's bad for you,but is it good for health?


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Well, here are the facts. The thing with Dasani water is that the chemical (Bromate) used for making it ''pure'' and contaminate free'' is a cancer causing chemical and Dasani Water contained high illegal amounts of Bromate. Thats the real deal with the Dasani water. My big recommendation is to always buy bottled water that says ''100% Spring Water'' or True Spring Water. Spring Water as it is, does not contain any harmful chemicals that are perjudicial (BAD) to the body. Dasani Water does not come from a natural spring. It is processed.

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I've never heard that.
It's made by the Coca Cola Bottling company.
It does not come from a spring. but it is filtered.
Some studies show that any water bottled in plastic may carry residue from the plastic bottle..

There are no fluoride ions in it, so that is good. Do not drink your tap water unless it's filtered and with a good filter at that. With bottled water make sure there is no fluoride in it, this is bad for you.

there is sodium in it, which makes you want to drink more of it. thats it though. not harmful.

I also have heard this rumors ,before I drank it ,now I stop drinking !

there is nothing wrong with the water. I drink dasani water all the time. its my favorite coca cola product

im pretty sure there is nothing wrong with it.

Nothing wrong with it

Yes, it's healthy

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