hot apple cider with coffee maker?!

Question: Hot apple cider with coffee maker?
When you make hot apple cider with a coffee maker do you pour the apple cider in the reservoir? Or do you leave it in the pot and just heat it up? What if you are adding red hots to the recipe by putting them in the filter?!


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If you do, start pricing new coffee makers. Make hot apple cider in a pot on the stove, not a coffee maker.

My Dad was from Somerset the centre of the cider making industry the way farm workers had hot apple cider was to buy a pint of cider go to open fireplace for a measure of ginger take red hot poker from fire and plunge it in cider.

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No, the sugar in the cider would ruin your coffee make. Use a saucepan to heat it on the stove,or put it in the microwave.

I wouldn't do that either. If you have a crock pot, do that

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