how to filter your tap watter so it tastes better with household items?!

Question: How to filter your tap watter so it tastes better with household items?

Depends on what is giving it the taste you want to get rid of. If you live where they use a lot of Chlorine just letting it sit in an open container like a water pitcher will get rid of it. I have seen a water pitcher that had a small aquarium air pump to speed the process and also added Oxygen to make it taste better. Sulfur Iron and other dissolved minerals are harder to remove. You can use the activated charcoal sold for aquarium filters in a paper coffee filter.

I saw a pur purifier.( holy cow!!! Right when I was typing this, my news station said not to drink the tapwater in some parts of my county because it contains things used to make rocket fuel and explosives, no joke!!!) anyway I saw a pur purifier that attaches directly onto your fousit it might not work for your fousit and it might b expensive.( i just use the pup purifying pitcher.)

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