can you drink expired soda?!

Question: Can you drink expired soda?

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Yes you can.
Dates on sodas is relatively new.
Actually the dates are way to low.
Coke I believe puts 6 months and it lasts well over a year and more.
Worst scenario, it would be flat.
But you can go way over that short expiration.

Gourmet Market manager/owner.

Yes. Every year near the beginning of hurricane season we buy an extra 2-liter bottle or two of diet soda every time we shop, and put them in our "emergency" closet. We're just now beginning to drink the sodas we bought in April and May. Most of them had expiration dates in August or September, but they're just as good now, in late November, as they were when we bought them.

Yes you can drink

No! becuase it doesnt taste the same and its very flat. Iv tried it its not good

yes, but it may not taste as good and may have gone flat


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