Does anyone know a good brand of refrigerator?!

Question: Does anyone know a good brand of refrigerator?
I am thinking about buying a top freeze refrigerator. I don't know which brand to choose, does anyone know any brands that will last a long time?


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Go to this site for refrigerator reviews:…

Did you know that Whirlpool makes many other brands including Roper, Estate, Maytag, Kirkland, Kenmore, etc.? Personally, refrigerators are typically pretty equal, they look pretty much the same and every brand has lots of different configurations.

A regular refrigerator with an ice maker, I would go for a Whirlpool or Whirlpool product. Best customer service, easily available parts, and ease of repair.

I also think that GE has a pretty good line of refrigerators.

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"Roper" is the best, and healthiest brand because others besides it will give the food "food poisoning" which will lead to skin problems, cancer, diarrhea, and even severe sicknesses.

I'm a Nutritionist.



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