Is bottled water unhealthy?!

Question: Is bottled water unhealthy?
Ok so I read somewhere that bottled water can be harmful over the long term? Spring waters have concentrations of radon which is the second largest cause of lung cancer behind smoking (so I am told). Apparently it is common in natural springs, where much bottled water is sourced from. So I'm just curious if I should avoid it or not?


Most bottled water isn't unhealthy. What you should really know about bottled water is that it's a complete waste of money! Most bottled water is bottled tap water. No different than you putting a bottle under your sink and filling it up. Also, all the waste you create discarding the empty plastic water bottles. You're much better off going and getting a Brita personal water bottle with a built in filter at the store and going that route. It's cheaper in the long run, safer on the environment, and overall a better choice.

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no, bottled water is not unhealthy. it's just that the plastic bottles usually end up in a landfill and there are better options like using filtered water for drinking, and also cheaper alternatives.

It depends on what kind of water

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