does soda make u fat?!

Question: Does soda make u fat?

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Yes it does, but careful, many people would think that normal soda is the real culprit here of making people fat cause of the high levels of sugar and all, but while all that information is true ( yeah 20 grams of sugar per bottle is very high) beware of diet soda! Diet soda may not contain real sugar but contains aspartame ( like coke zero or pepsi max and all the others) and this chemical produces a strange sensation of hunger in the user than increases its appetite thus eating more and more because of the aspartame in the diet soda. And also many people drink more diet soda because they look at it as zero calories so no fat, but drinking a lot will increase the hunger effect, making it a sinister culprit here.

So yeah, drink mountain spring water and you will be fine and fat free!!

MY own!! I did a research on college on energy drinks, soft drinks and their energy output.

With no exercise and overeating, yes. But if you just drink a can of soda every once in a while, you wouldnt gain weight..maybe just a pound or two.

It is the sugar though that would make you "fat" so if you drink diet sodas or ones with a lower sugar count, then you would definately be better off.

yes, soda is veyr high in sigar. our bodies convert sugar to fat. hava look at the can if it has 20grams of sugar you just drank 20grams of fat or at least whatever your body doesn't burn gets converted to fat.
in short yes. soda will make you fat.
think about how many healthy skinny people you see drinking coke or pepsi, aside from their commercials!

drink 1 can of soda a day for a year and you will gain 10 pounds just from that

It sure does.To prove it, weigh yourself one morning and do not drink any soda for 2 weeks and you did loose some weight

yes - and diet soda's do even more than normal soda's, which is surprising.

well no it doesnt. only if u sit on ur *** all day long and drink all day long..


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