Where can I find free information about Brazilian chocolate market?!

Question: Where can I find free information about Brazilian chocolate market?
Looking info about Brazilian chocolate industry.


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Hi, Joe. I'm brazilian and I work with marketing.

Brazilian chocolate market is a 517,000 tons (2009) and 5,3 billion Reais (3,0 billion dolars) market. Chocolate is very weel acept in any social class in Brazil (E and D, low; C and B, middle class and A, rich) and the average consumption of brazilians is 2.4 kilos (5,29 lb). Normal consumers purchase 10 units/week. Women represent 55% of brazilian market.

55 largerst cities (due to it large population) represent 50% of national consumption in Brazil, because, togheter, that cities correspond to more than 50% of brazilian population.

The main Brazilian brands are:

CHOCOLATES GAROTO: www.garoto.com.br/portal/home/
LACTA: www.lacta.com.br/
NEUGEBAUER: www.neugebauer.com.br/
SWEET BRAZIL: www.sweetbr.com.br/index.html

Two brands have it own stores:
CACAU SHOW (800 Stores, most is franchising): http://www.cacaushow.com.br/
KOPENHAGEN (226 stores): http://www.kopenhagen.com.br/site/defaul…
BRASIL CACAU (> 100): http://www.brasilcacau.com.br/site/defau…

Foreigner brands are:
NESTLé, Switizerland
KRAFT FOODS (Lacta's partner in Brazil), USA
ARCOR, Argentina
KINDER (a Ferrero's brand for children), Italy

All these brands have industrial plants in Brazil except KINDER.

We have an annual festival - CHOCOFEST - in winter (june), that includes parade and fashion. Look:

You are invited to visit my channel about Brazil:

Brazil import 53 million dollars (9,000 tons) and export 12 million dollars or 34,000 tons (2009).


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