which is a better brand of coffee pot, Hamilton Beach or Black&Decker?!

Question: Which is a better brand of coffee pot, Hamilton Beach or Black&Decker?
i need a new coffee pot but i want to get the right one. i need some reviews on this product please.


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Don't go by brands, both companies make good and bad products.

Right down a list of things you expect out of a coffee pot. For example:

Size of the bowl.
How much water it can hold at a time.
Hot plate.
How sturdy it feels...or is it cheap feeling
Unnecessary buttons and features.

This sort of thing. So when your looking you can narrow down your search. Best advice I can say is don't by the cheapest and don't by the most expensive.

My opinion of Black and Decker isn't very good. They make a lot of things cheap and you get what you pay for. I don't know for sure, but my guess would be that Hamilton Beach would make a better quality pot.

B&D, In my expericence, Hamilton Beach has leaked in the first few months.

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