What is your opinion on the Keurig coffee maker?!

Question: What is your opinion on the Keurig coffee maker?
We (my brother, sisters and I) are considering getting our parents one of those for Christmas. If I am not mistaking, they have them at Kohl's which is where we were going to buy it. What is your opinion on it, though? My sister is 18, I am 14, I have a 12 year old sister and a 6 year old brother, and my older sister and I were going to pay for most of it, but I am still not sure about it. Also, if you know how much it is on sale for at Kohl's, could you please let me know?

Thanks SO much!


I have one and absolutely LOVE it! My mother uses it every day, and when my friends come over, they're obsessed with trying it out and drinking all of the different flavors. (I'm 17).

I'm not sure about Kohl's, but we bought ours at Sam's Club. It was $127, was the best model they had (and still have out), and it came with 40 K-Cups, all of different flavors :)

There's also this new machinese I see on TV. It looks pretty interesting, but I still love my Keruig :)

If you can, try to get a ride with someone who has a Sam's Club membership! They also sell many different types of K-Cups at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The iced vanilla coffee, hot chocolate, and chocolate glazed donut is to dieeee for. And the golden french toast in the holiday collection is SO good :D JC Penny sells those.

I have one.

They are great, easy to use machines. The coffee they produce is pretty good too, not the best but def do able.

I recommend getting one of the steel reusable filters for it. This will save a small fortune cuz those cups are expensive.

I love mine, my parents love their's and my grandparents love thiers. Sorry I don't know what the sale at kohls is.
Ps. I'm sure your parents will love whatever you get them.


I must preface my answer by letting you know I brew my coffee in a vintage 50's glass pyrex percolator on the stove top.
I have been through a multitude of electric coffee makers and espresso makers and you get what you pay for.
I saw those coffee makers in an Keurig infomercial using the 'pods' to brew coffee.
In my humble opinion, I would NOT want to receive this as a gift.
Your parents will be stuck buying those coffee pods instead of just buying regular coffee. Those pods aren't sold in most regular grocery stores, so that will mean they will either have to go out of their way just to buy coffee for their new machine or order online and wait for delivery. Both a pain in the butt.
It's a gimmick to avoid like the talking trout or the chia pet.
And they are expensive!
Buy them a really decent coffee maker, some cute cups and maybe some coffee related items like travel mugs and they will be very happy. Trust me!

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