do you get any nutrients/antioxidants from herbal tea?!

Question: Do you get any nutrients/antioxidants from herbal tea?
i know you do from white and green tea - but what about herbal or grey earl


there's a lot on antioxidants in tea most any tea that's good for your body. aging health longer life better immune system. i havn't been sick in like 15 years i drink a lot of tea

earl grey is actually black tea and does have some of the same antioxidants and catechins as green and white tea. it depends which herbal tea, but there some are definitely helpful in terms of health. some are ginger, spearmint, and rooibos

All plants are packed with antioxidants even coffee or wine contains them.
Herbal tea and grey earl do contains antioxidants as well as carrots and tomatoes of course.

yes you do. Herbal tea is made up of many nutrients

Depends on which one

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