Why does coffee and tea always smell 100 times better than it tastes?!

Question: Why does coffee and tea always smell 100 times better than it tastes?
I know it's becuase it litterally gets "Watered down" But still... Is there a way to preserve more the AWESOME smell into the flavor???


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I think you answered your own question with "watered down". Things that are watery be i gourmet tea or even miso for that matter never contain as much flavor as thicker liquids or more solid foods.

I have many loose teas with all sorts of tings mixed and to smell the aroma, you'd think you were in for a real taste sensation. Unless you add some flavorings or other additives, the taste of brewed tea or coffee will never compare to the aroma. Starbucks set up an entire business model on adding something extra.

Both coffee and tea are more aromatic drinks than taste. One of the large contributors to a food's taste isn't just how it is in the mouth but how you smell food determines how you taste something. This is why food always tastes different when you have a cold and can't breath right. Take a sip of tea with your nose pinched and you'll be amazed--it's virtually tasteless.

Is there a smell to tea? I drink a lot of tea ,maybe we have a different blends in Britain. I always take tea with me when going on holiday so I am sure of a good cup of tea.,I do not drink coffee.

omg thats sooooooooooooooooo true.... but i like the taste of tea... but coffee smells sooooooo good..... but then it tastes nasty.... i guess its very bitter.. if you add sugar and cream.. it get better. though the smell isnt as good.

because that's how coffee and tea are
they're evil
they get our hopes up and then make us taste crap

It tastes and smells the same to me.

I guess it's just an aquired taste? :/

tea makes you feel as good as it smells. to me, thats worth going through the taste.

thats bull tea tastes better then it smells

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