Having any monster problems?!

Question: Having any monster problems?
Hello, my name is Nero. I am a Fire and Air demon. I am a half-demon. I am around %54 demon. My father is the Demon King Pazuzu and my mother is the beautiful Lamashtu. If you or someone else are being negatively effected by monsters or paranormal activity, please inform me. I will solve your problem and ask for nothing in return. I am your loyal demon at your service! I am a GOOD demon. When the time for this question runs out type your problem in the comments.


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seriously are you a demon, email me at " mini" "man766" @yahoo.com i would like to ask some questions. just but the words in the parentheses thogeth it is miniman766 @yahoo.com if it dosent blank this out.

lmao well.. haha.

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