Any Hot Drink Recommendations?!

Question: Any Hot Drink Recommendations?
Well it's cold out, and I'm sick of just Tea and Hot chocolate. Unfortunately I don't like coffee, else I'd switch to that for a while. I do know, however, that there are other alternatives to hot drinks in the winter, instead of just looking around aimlessly for recipes, I figure I'd ask you guys if you know of any good drink names, and I can look it up from there.

No real limitations on what to put in the drink, however alcohol is low on the list of what I want in my drink. I love booze, I'd rather cold drinks for that though.


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hot cider

This is my family " last man standing" holiday drink
Apple juice, frozen concetrate made according to the tube or in a container ready to use
Place juice in a decent size pan or dutch oven on the stove and add
an orange studded with cloves, cinnomon stick, a lemon if you have it, but OK if you don't.
Simmer for about half an hour uncovered
Good by itself and for kids
Great for adults when rum is added and a pat of butter is added to the top of the mug.

Hot apple cider is something I like from time to time, It is best when fresh, but there is a sugar free, powder that I try to keep during the winter (it isn't as good, but if it is in the cabinet, it is alot easier/quicker than running to the grocery store.) There are also 'spiced tea' mixes you can make, I like one that contains tang, lemonade mix, and instant tea. My mom likes to take apple juice and warm it up and dissolve "Red Hots" in it. that is pretty good.
Edit: here is a link for the tang recipe,183,15416…

hot milk. you can buy the fruit teas witch wont be anything like normal tea that you add milk to. and if you don't like coffee why not try a mocha witch has abit off coffee and chocolate i think you would like that as its not like drink-en a cup off coffee. you should go to the stores see what they have.

try hot lemonade (basically lemonade heated in the microwave) or hot banana milk (half a banana and a cup of milk blended together and then heated) Hope that helped!

yeah i agree with the guy who said cider. i love hot apple cider.

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