what is the difference between classic, traditional and original eggnog?!

Question: What is the difference between classic, traditional and original eggnog?
they are all from the same company and they taste pretty well the same, as goes for texture, fat content is pretty well the same too (not light)


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well I would never drink eggnog from any company. Once I made my own, from some 100-proof rum I'd brought home from Bahamas. I used a dozen fresh eggs, some sugar, and the rum. You have to beat the egg yolks at really high speed, and then add the powdered sugar and beat until it's all light and fluffy. Then, you beat in the nutmeg and the rum. In another bowl, you beat the egg whites (which you've separated out first) until they are stiff. Then you gently fold the yolk/rum stuff into the fluffy egg whites, being really careful not to let all the air out. The result is unbelievable! I had an "open-house" at Christmas and my friends all went crazy for this eggnog, I ran out in no time, one of my friends went to the store for more eggs, and we made several batches. Raw eggs might sound dangerous but the 100-proof rum sterilizes it and it also gets your guests pretty drunk very quickly. After this, I could never again even smell the stuff that comes in the carton.

book "Joy of Cooking" by Rombauer, eggnog recipe

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