Milk... better for you hot or cold?!

Question: Milk... better for you hot or cold?
Do the vitamins and nutrients in normal cows milk become diminished when its heated?


Normal cows milk has already been heat-treated before it reaches you so heating it at home makes little difference. The pasteurisation process kills bacteria and some beneficial enzymes, but not enough to matter for anyone on a normal healthy diet.

As to which is better; it is the one you prefer. Warm milk at night will help you sleep

I prefer cold milk in the morning and hot milk in the night.yes hot milk has a protein that makes u have a nice sleep,whereas cold milk wakes u up.

it depends. in winter use it hot, in summers use cold. best is warm milk.

i like cold milk in the summer and hot milk in the winter

I believe it is better cold.

Cold during warm or hot at night,helps you sleep.

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