what stores have loose leaf tea?!

Question: What stores have loose leaf tea?
preferably bigger corporation stores? like Wal-mart, Target etc.
also what is the best kind of loose leaf tea?


If you really want true loose leaf tea, I would recommend buying it from online specialty shops (or a brick-and-mortar specialty tea shop if there happens to be one around where you live), as they tend to provide the highest quality tea at usually very reasonable prices. I would not recommend buying it from stores like the ones you mentioned, as the only varieties of loose leaf teas that they would have (if they even had it at all) would probably be a CTC (cut-torn-curl) preparation of a low-quality black tea. CTCs are basically tea 'fannings,' or dust, and do not provide for a quality brew. This is what is most commonly used in tea bags, and they do not work very well in loose leaf-style tea infusions.

Online tea vendors tend to provide the widest variety of teas (covering all six general types - white, yellow, green, oolong, black, and pu-erh), and are usually at much more reasonable prices than teas that you can find at physical stores. Here is a list of some popular websites, many of which I have bought from, that sell high quality teas at good prices:

http://www.adagio.com/ (Check out their http://www.teachat.com/ forum)

And my favorite website: http://www.teatrekker.com/main.htm

tea connoisseur

You *might* find some loose leaf tea in a supercenter walmart.

However, if you have one by you, I'd reccoment a place called Teavanna. They're a big corporation :) Or a Rennisance Festival if you have any near you.. though they're probably off season at the moment.

Good luck!

the only loose leaf tea i've seen was lipton black tea. if you want green teas and other variety, go to whole foods.

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