Anyone Know The Top Coffee Makers?!

Question: Anyone Know The Top Coffee Makers?
I bought my father a Kitchen Aid 16 cup coffee maker for Christmas. I was just wondering if Kitchen Aid was a good brand? Since I got it on Black Friday it was on sale for $50 instead of $100. So I thought it was a good deal. But now I'm worried that the brand isn't one of the better kinds. I was just wondering if anyone knew the top brands of 2010?


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Anything Kitchen Aid is an excellent product.
However, I have a Cuisinart. It's lasted 3 years
so far. I only make 1 pot a day.

Kitchenaid is a good brand but not as good as it used to be before Whirlpool bought them. They used to only make excellent quality stand mixers and a few other lines.
I'm guessing the coffee maker is decent, but it's original cost of $100 is probably overkill and $50 is pushing it.
Here are a couple of things to consider -
Does your dad really have a need for a 16 cup coffee maker?
Most people drink pretty big cups of coffee and sometimes a cup on a coffeemaker are tiny cups like 8oz.
I am cheap and I make my coffee in a vintage glass pyrex percolator on the stove. I have been through quite a few coffeemakers and don't like the funky taste of the water after a few months.
Cleaning them with vinegar as recommended doesn't seem to help either.

I saw Amazon has lots of great deals on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday page, I suggest you to check it, hurry up before the items out of stock…

kitchen aid is ok. dont buy preachers coffe it nasty. get the portable starbucks kind

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