Pepsi vs Coke and why?!

Question: Pepsi vs Coke and why?
opinion on which drink you prefer and why.. I'm doing a survey:)


(Diet) Pepsi because it's sweeter!

And when you add sugar/splenda to coke, it changes completely. It's actually kinda weird.. haha try it!

I don't drink soda that much anymore though, however :)

i would pick pepsi because its sweet. Coke is less sweet, and i like sweet. Thats really the only difference between coke and pepsi.

pepsi model David Beckham


Pepsi, Coke is too gassy but cinema pepsi is the best =]

I prever pepsi since its sweet lol


Coke. Pepsi is too sweet.

Pepsi.....................cause it's sexy

Coke. Pepsi is way to sweet and bubbly

Cheap market rip off of cola :)


Coke is carbonated much for me that it hurts my stomach.

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