How much caffiene is in a cup of French Market chicory coffee?!

Question: How much caffiene is in a cup of French Market chicory coffee?
I use it just like regular coffee, meaning I do not use half as much French Market as directed. It's chicory and arabica beans, so is it half the caffeine as a cup of regular, which is 200mg of caffeine, I think.


The caffeine content of beverages containing chicory was determined using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). A coffee/chicory mixture substitute contains 3.18?mg/fl oz of caffeine, whereas instant coffee contains 12.61?mg/fl oz of caffeine.
Animal data

Chicory fructans oligofructose and inulin have also been found to inhibit colon carcinogenesis in rats. 16 , 17 Another study reports weak-to-moderate comutagenic effects using an extract of chicory greens against induced mutagenicity in vitro. 18 Other fruits and vegetables have been studied with respect to induced mutagenic activities. Chicory was shown to have strong-to-moderate antimutagenic activities that remained heat stable. 19

Clinical data

Research reveals no clinical data regarding the use of chicory as an antimutagenic.

Cardiovascular conditions
Animal data

Experiments with the isolated toad heart show that chicory extracts reduce cardiac rate in a manner similar to quinidine. Although variable from one preparation to another, this effect is evident before and after ganglionic blockade and atropinization. Its potency is increased by heating the extract. These findings suggest chicory constituents may be effective in treatment of disorders involving tachycardia, arrhythmias, and fibrillation. 3

Clinical data

Research reveals no clinical data regarding the use of chicory for cardiovascular conditions.

Other uses

The water-soluble fraction of chicory has a sedative effect and antagonizes the stimulating effects of coffee and tea via a CNS mechanism. Lactucin and related compounds may be in part responsible for the plant's sedative effects.

Root callus extract of chicory demonstrated liver protectant effects against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatocellular damage. 20 Alcoholic extracts of the root also have anti-inflammatory activity. 21

Contraceptive activity was observed in female rats orally administered (days 1 to 10 postcoital) seed extracts of chicory, as well as certain other plant fractions. 22 Chicory has also been noted as an appetite stimulant and for dyspepsia. 23

Studies conducted on rats show that inulin from chicory seems very effective in promoting propionic fermentation and enhances the calcium content of the large intestines. 24 A reduction in intestinal absorption of glucose was observed in another report in rats administered chicory extract. 25 Improved lipid metabolism was demonstrated in rats fed inulin-containing chicory extract, as well. This effect possibly was due to changes in absorption or synthesis of cholesterol. 26 Chicory's inulin type fructans may have potential to benefit many conditions or disease states including constipation, infectious diarrhea, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and non-insulin-dependent diabetes. 27 , 28

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