How many people have died from drinking red bull?!

Question: How many people have died from drinking red bull?

Well Addison, speaking worldwide..thousands of them died of only drinking the ''red bull'' energy drink, ( In the US and most parts, red bull and monster energy drinks are the ones with the deadly fame because of their name being added in every death caused by energy drink over the news) but adding all the energy drinks in the World, I could say that the numbers will add a lot more. The real thing here is that all those energy drinks are not healthy. They contain high amounts of creepy chemicals with creepy names that in a long phase, will do harm to the user. But in a short term phase, over drinking energy drinks ( 4 to 5 cans in like a minute or two) of red bull or monster or worse.. both of them combined ( Also applies to any energy drink that is abusively ingested) can be or will be deadly. Even drinking it moderately like once or twice in a month will also cause harm so be careful. Also, another stupid popular thing that was like a ''sensation'' was of mixing energy drinks with alcohol which is a sure death serum, being the worst combination of drinks ever made in the history of non alcoholic drinks.

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My own! I did a research on energy drinks, soft drinks and their energy output on college.
Also, these guys ( URL and their writers) helped.………

It would be nearly impossible to overdose on the ingredients in red bull. I doubt anybody has died directly because of drinking red bull. Now, maybe somebody was driving and took their eyes off the road so they could gulp down the last drop of their red bull, and they got into an accident and died. But that's not really what you are talking about.


I don't know. I once drank 12 Redbull in the space of about 15 minutes. I'm still alive. It was hectic, I got the shakes, the sweats. My blood was pumping, I ran around the city for 2 hours, stealing road cones, making an absolute nuisance of myself. Ended up getting arrested for it. They thought I was high. They released me later without charge. I had the worst migraine I've ever had in my life. LOL I wont be doing that again. I've heard it can kill you though.

i only know one in france, thats why they changed the ingredients for that country.. he only drank 4 red bull but because of sport he died.... i dont remember what ir was probably his system didnt get enough water i dont know... he was a teenager and i think you can google it...

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