Mountain dew honor the code winners?!

Question: Mountain dew honor the code winners?
On october 29th I entered in the Mountain Dew Honor the Code. They were promoting everything Halo Reach. So I signed up, entered my bottle cap code and enter to the xbox 360 give away for the 31st 3:15pm slot. I did this twice because I bought 2 bottles. It just ended. (11/27/10) and I want to know what are the chances of winning because i thought only a few would even bother entering and I never got any email response from them. So can someone please help me out? did anyone even win? Who? Thanks Inadvance


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I entered in just over 350 codes for one slot on Halloween, and I never received an email nor have I heard of anyone winning yet. I think Mountain Dew is a scam, or they just don't know how to run their own counting system. Maybe winners will finally be showing up everywhere like mid December. If not...then I can't believe I lost with over 350 codes.

They were giving out 624 xbox 360. You aren't they only one who waited for the last minute to play. Now here's something I think is really funny. I enter two codes in for the limited edition halo kit and won. But I never got an email or mail about it. It just showed up in my mail box just like that. And the sad thing is I don't own xbox 360 to play the game on.

I entered around 140 codes since it first started a couple months ago, all shooting for the limited edition copy, and low and behold, I won it! I didn't know I had even won until it arrived on my doorstep today! I would still like to know the odds of winning this though.

I entered about 150 codes all scattered on different prizes and I won an Xbox

I just got my Legendary Edition games yesterday in the mail. No email or notice saying I won. it just showed up....

Thanks for the late game huh?

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