How to carry coffee to school?!

Question: How to carry coffee to school?
I am not proud to say that I am a coffee lover. My mother knows it, but my dad doesn't. I have a travel coffee mug in which i can take coffee to school, but i don't know now to carry it in my backpack, b/c once i tried and spilled it in bag!!! :( I need a way to carry it in my bag w/out my mother seeing it!!!

Please help!!!


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Well, let me tell you.. welcome to the coffee lovers club!! There is nothing wrong being a coffee lover. When I was in high school, I used to carry an aluminum thermos with coffee on it and made my school days happier. Also, there is nothing wrong with carrying coffee to school, but my recommendation is that you get an ALUMINUM or STAINLESS STEEL thermos not the ones with the glass pot on it although they are plastic outside. They break very easily. I broke two of them in the same week on school. So Aluminum is BEST! keeps your coffee warm and tight sealed! Also they are not that expensive and are very slim so they can fit on your backpack.

Hope it Helped!!


Not sure why you have to hide it, but, since you do, you need a thermos. It would seal and not leak, AND it would keep it hot for you. Good luck!…

why don't you just hold it . there is no reason to hide the fact that you drink coffee.

put it in a thermos and put in your backpack my coffee lover friend

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