I would like to buy some milk but I'm out of money. What do I do?!

Question: I would like to buy some milk but I'm out of money. What do I do?
I don't get paid for a couple days. I can't go without milk though. A gallon costs about $2.50 or so. What do I do?


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1. you can ask your friends if you can borrow a couple of dollars to buy milk? they should understand
2. go around the house looking for change!!!! :) always find a couple of dollars when i do that
3. if you know a guy at a store well or small gas station that you always go to and the guy trusts you maybe you can ask if you can get the milk and pay him back when you get paid?
good luck :)

I doubt the world will stop turning if you don't get a gallon of milk for 2 days. Budget more carefully in the future if it's that important.

go pawn something, or pick up aluminum cans and take to the recyling post in town..

ive even used my gas credit card to purchase milk from the grocery attached to the filing station...

You can use your Credit Cart instead of paying direct money..

buy powdered milk for emergencies.

Ask friendly neighbors if they have any to spare

just borrow some money from your friends.

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