What does apple juice taste like?!

Question: What does apple juice taste like?
Don't just say 'apple' I wan tto know what the real flavour is like.


If you have ever had an apple, apple juice tastes just like it, only a little bit sweeter. It is not green. It is more of a brownish color. Simply Apple is a brand if apple juice that has nothing added to it. If you want apple juice that tastes exactly like apples, I suggest getting Simply Apple. It might have some pulp in it though. :)

You've never had apple juice? Your missing out my friend.
It's like a clear liquid almost with a brown tint to it. It's not green though. And it tastes like an apple fruit. i know it's hard to describe.

kind of tastes like strawberry pineapple
and a slightly green color.

how old r u i mean ur mom didnt give uapple juice wen u were a child even ppl in 3rd world contries have had apple juice

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