Can I die from drinking too much kool-aid?!

Question: Can I die from drinking too much kool-aid?
My mom told me that if I keep drinking a LOT of kool-aid that my liver will turn red and I will die.. Is that true?


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no, but it will reduce your sperm count and lead to an earlier case of male pattern baldness, it may also give you aids..

you might die of obesity! there is TONS of sugar in kool-aid!! and you should listen to your mom even if she tells you the sky is purple with green poka-dots.

i'd be more worried about first loosing all your teeth, getting diabetes and/or morbidly obese...

No Way. I drink it all the time.

Hahaha good answer Kai :) But no, only if you drank like a BATHTUB full of it...and i mean literally.

only if jim jones makes it

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