Does the color of food or drinks affect whether or not we like them?!

Question: Does the color of food or drinks affect whether or not we like them?
Do food coloring change the taste


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No, it's your mind making you think it tastes different, based on the colour.

Coloured food used to be popular in the early 2000s though. Remember green ketchup, and rainbow bread?
And in the early '90s, there was crystal pepsi... I was just a kid back then and I didn't drink cola, but I hear it tasted just like regular brown pepsi, which put a lot of people off, because you would never expect that taste to come from something that colour.

Often, companies have put out strange coloured food, and it was never very popular with the public.

the color of food does affect the way we taste things. taste is a psychological thing. if you see something that looks like the color of pure bile vomit then you probably aren't going to eat it, and when you try to eat it your mind will tell you to spit it out. unless you have a mind of matter kind of thing where you tell yourself to eat it and enjoy it, that's the only way it could work. so in a nutshell yes it could affect how you taste things, but it depends on the person.

my brain

My grandmother always taught me that you first eat with your nose, then your eyes and finally your mouth. If a food appeals to all three senses, then that is the ideal situation. Great smelling, tasting food that looks unattractive will still be prepared and eaten and enjoyed but it still does not get the trifecta of perfection. Plus, you will probably never make such a dish for company (reserved for the immediate family)

Sometimes but if you think about some of the foods you like, are they all pretty? Probably not. I love chocolate ice cream but I don't think it looks very nice. Who wants to eat brown glop? But then there are some foods like bright green brussel sprouts that look very nice but taste awful to a lot of people. I guess it just depends.

yes they do, if we look at the food colors the receptors in our brain register, if you don't like green you wouldn't like brocoili.


It usually doesn't. But they do affect how appealing they are. No one wants to drink orange soda that's anything but orange..

it depends if the color appeals to you or not

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