bottled water sold in shops?!

Question: Bottled water sold in shops?
Why is water sold in shops in plastic bottles - it is just water from a natural source featureds on the label, and does anyone buy this water ?


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Sometimes, bottled water sold in shops is actually water from a natural spring. It is boiled to kill any pathogens, then poured into the bottles.

Sometimes it is just tap water. Sometimes it is fancy filtered, reverse osmisis tap water with electrolytes added, but it is still tap water.

Because of the processing involved, it takes about three liters of water to bring you one liter of bottled water. Using bottled water wastes water, and it wastes plastic. Plastic is made from petroleum, increasing out dependence on foreign oil.

Lots of people buy this water. Landfills are full of used plastic bottles that people throw away instead of recycyling.

If you want to drink good, clean water, get a good filtration system for your home and drink your own filtered tap water.

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