what do you think of them banning those energy drinks?!

Question: What do you think of them banning those energy drinks?
thought it a good question to ask..heard the news report on tv yesterday.


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The energy in energy drinks more often than not come from Caffeine and Taurine.


The effect of caffeine doesn't last long and can make you dehydrated and leave you feeling that you need more caffeine for energy.

Taurine is a stimulant that can have an effect on how your brain functions.

Personally I don't like energy drinks. They don't taste very nice. For energy I'd rather go out for a run and cut down on Mac Donalds.

So, it's probably a good thing because they can do harm to some people. Probably people who drink too much of it to get a buzz. I'd rather just go out for a drink.


I think it's not a bad idea. We should really drink water more instead of that energy stuff.

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