Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi Cola, what do you think?!

Question: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi Cola, what do you think?
I personally think Coke is much better for a few reasons:

- I like the colour red more than blue.
- Coke Has more fizz, and is sweeter

- There is no bad aftertaste like ginger after drinking a Coke.


Coke is more fizzy and has a better taste-

I think that pepsi is sweeter in a bad way. It actually tastes flat sometimes unless its extremely cold.

Coke from the fountain
Pepsi from the bottle

personal preference

coke is popular
pepsi is sweet

neither is good

i've drank it all my life
Taste sweeter than pepsi
Less calories than pepsi
fizz lasts longer

Pepsi tastes like Aspirin.


Coke has more of a thick and syrupy taste. Pepsi is a crisper taste.
They're both more like dessert than a regular drink.

I prefer Coke.

And I think Pepsi's sweeter...

Coke is it.
It is the real thing!
Things go better with Coke.

Thinking about it I cant remember there being a proper different taste. So I couldnt care less :)

I like Pepsi better.

i like pepsi been drinking it for years. coke has to much acid bad for your stomach it works great in car battery's too


I think they both stink.

Irn Bru

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