whats healthier for you, eggnog, or hot chocolate?!

Question: Whats healthier for you, eggnog, or hot chocolate?
which one has less calories, less fat, less sugar, less carbs and more of the healthy stuff? thanks!


Get yourself some of the Swiss Miss mix ,no sugar added, that is 60 calories and only 10 carbs. I have been drinking it for years without guilt. It is quiet good.

eggnog has more (200 calories a serving) calories because of the eggs but becasue of that it has calcium and b vitamins and hot chocolate can be just 50 with water or 150 with milk but not as much vitamins in my opinion go with hot chocolate with milk because of less calories but still good source of calcium

labels ;}

Eggnog has some nutrients in it from the eggs and milk, but a lot of fat and calories. Hot chocolate is pretty much empty calories, but fewer of them.

Also, if you are drinking true eggnog, it has raw eggs in it, so that makes it a little risky to drink.

hot chocolate.. but don't add cream and make it with water then if you really need milk add a splash at the end i drink about three or four cups a day n im skinny so i'd say it's not bad for you

im no health expert, but i would guess eggnog? only cuz no chocolate, but it has eggs AND milk which is bad, so i have no idea :/ srry

Eggnog is definitely worse.

I think that they are the same! :)

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