What's the best single serve coffee maker that does not use insert packets?!

Question: What's the best single serve coffee maker that does not use insert packets?
I would like to find a single serve coffee maker that does not require the use of the pre-packaged packets of ingredients. Something that lets you add normal ingredients of any sort, not the proprietary packets of pricey coffee that must be used.


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Brookstone has one http://www.brookstone.com/single-cup-cof…

It seems that they are hard to find because the expensive pod systems have become so popular. I have one I got from Gevalia a few years ago that can brew one or two cups. I has baskets on each side and a switch to chose how many cups to brew.

Well i love the single serve machines out there like the Tassimo and Keurig. However, the Tassimo requires the packets (T-Discs) and the Keurig accepts packets, however, you can buy an inexpensive part for the Keurig that allows you to add your own coffee blend. you can use ingredients of any sort. I personally own both machines and if you would like a further review of either or have a question, go to my blog at:


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