Is it ok to drink water from the sink?!

Question: Is it ok to drink water from the sink?
I live in Southern California and I was wondering if it is okay to drink water from the sink. Is it safe? Clean? Drinkable?


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Yep. I do it all the time. Water is water. Unless it's ocean water or sea water. So....drinking waters drinking water? Haha. :) It just sucks when you straighten your hair an do that.

Welll.... water out the tap wont kill you, if it was poison it wouldnt be put their in the first place (: i cant realli give you an answer cuz i live in Australia but i do it all the time :D

Yeah!!!!!! totally!!!!!!
That's what i did when i came on a holiday


It is not ok to drink water from the sink

No, you shouldn't drink water at all. Fish **** in it don't y'know?

Yes, of course. Just tie your hair back :P

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