Coffee is not needed?!

Question: Coffee is not needed?
Give a hot cup of strong tasting but decaffeinated coffee to an avid coffee drinker.

Then feed them with this throughout the day without telling them it is decaffeinated of course.

I guarantee you they will still feel hyperactive and have a coffee stimulated high.

This shows that its in the mind.

Thank You


For some people that may be true; caffeine doesn't wake me up or keep me up, but I still love coffee (drink decaf about 50% of the time). There are plenty of people who just don't get enough sleep, though, who are in desperate need of a boost to help them through their exhaustion that decaf would not provide.

As to the caffeine content in decaf: 97% of the caffeine is removed from coffee before it is labeled "decaf". Cold brewed coffee has about 66% of the caffeine and acid of regular brewed coffee.

Update: I get enough sleep not to need a boost, but I feel a lift from the taste of a good cup of coffee (even decaf). The only difference with regular: after 3 or 4 mugs I feel a little shaky, as if I'd been exercising. That passes after about 30 minutes & doesn't prevent me from sleeping. I only buy quality decaf, so it tastes as delicious as regular.

you are wrong. altho decaf has less in it, it still has about 66% of the caffeine.
i used to drink about 5 pots a day and can guarantee you i would go thru withdrawals if you subbed decaf.

been there, done that.

You're probally right

i drink coffee because it taste good . de cafe is disgusting tbh


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