What brand of tea and coffee is your favourite?!

Question: What brand of tea and coffee is your favourite?
Normally I buy the Sainsbury's brand of normal tea (called Red Label) and Nescafe Original coffee. But I want to try something new. So what would you all recommend?

My friends have told me to get Assam or Earl Grey tea and Carte Noire or Nescafe Cafe Parisien/Gold coffee.


Earl grey tea is really nice. i recommend it.
my favourite though is Lipton chai tea.

for coffee. well i like Nescafe. i usually drink ike espresso or cappuccino though/

Dear Mr Twist
May I introduce you to the delights of Chinese tea ? This is loose leaf tea not tea bags. It has to be prepared properly but that is part of the enjoyment. China and its renegade province of Taiwan have a wide range of teas - green teas such as Longjing from Hangzhou , Wulong teas from Fujian and Alishan in Taiwan , Baochong from Wenshan in Taibei. There really are too many to mention. I am not sure if you can buy these in Sainsbury's. If you live in London then there are a few specialist tea shops such as Teasmiths in Spitalfields.
If you ever visit Kyoto in Japan then I recommend Matcha tea with a delicious Japanese sweet .
Coffee is an abomination and I can not recommend it, Tea is more delicate and graceful and fragrant .

I really prefer to buy loose-leaf tea. My all-time favorite company is Upton Tea Imports. There are a lot of companies I've had good experiences with though too. I also really like Rishi Tea, which is a leader in fair trade teas, and sustainable practices. I also tend to like Ten Ren Tea. There are some outstanding tea companies though that I haven't even tried yet, I'm only beginning to sample them.

And what's my favorite style of tea? I love Darjeeling black tea...and I love greener oolong teas, especially se chung oolongs (which are kinda esoteric). I also like a lot of green tea, especially Chinese green teas, but I like Japanese green teas too, especially kukicha (twig tea). I also like floral-scented teas, like Jasmine or rose teas.

If you want to explore teas, whether loose tea, or the mainstream brands, you might enjoy visiting http://ratetea.net which is a site that I designed. It allows people to rate and review individual teas, and there are a lot of different users with different opinions. It also has teas classified by brand: http://ratetea.net/brand.php region: http://ratetea.net/region.php and also by style: http://ratetea.net/style.php

As to coffee? You'll have to ask someone else...I don't know much about coffee. But I do notice that shade-grown coffee tastes much better to me. I tend to like lighter coffee, not the really dark roasts. I think some companies (like starbucks) masks lower-quality coffee by using a heavy roast and brewing it very strongly.

And I know this isn't what you asked, but I also like Yerba Mate, and my latest favorite brand of that is Mate Factor, I like their dark roast (not a fan of their green as much).

my favourite coffee is Kenco (decaff), I hate Nescafe it is so bitter.
I use any tea bags that are on offer, I like really weak tea so it doesn't matter to me (as long as they are decaff)
I have noticed a lot of people at work drinking Earl Grey, which smells too perfumed to me, or green Tea.
Have fun tasting them!

Tea: Yorkshire Tea, a real tasty cuppa.
Coffee: The best coffee I've ever tasted was from a motorway Service station on the way to Doncaster, also like the coffee served in the Klick vending machine where I worked.

But I drink 99% more Tea than coffee.

I am a tea lover, Assam and Earl Grey are both black tea. Earl Grey has a hint of citrus flavor.
There are a variety of tea in the market, if you wanna try something new, how about caramel tea or vanilla tea.

Pierless Coffee is my sister's favorite!,it's a family owned brand which is much better than Starbucks or Peets Cofee!

Source=My sister who is an experienced Barista

For tea, there is a selection of Twinings that I like, mainly earl grey, but for coffee I like any really :)

I hate tea

My favourite Coffee is Nescafe Original
Or if I want fresh ground coffee the best is Lyons

It would have to be Kenco smooth, I find Nescafe` too bitter

Folger's Smooth Roast

typhoo for tea
i don't really drink coffee but in the house there is some nescafe

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